Steering & Suspension

Using your steering wheel might seem like an easy task with no complications right? But, the whole system is not as simple as it sounds. When you use your vehicle’s steering wheel, a lot of processes are carried out, and should your steering system get a bit rusty, it can create a lot of issues for you and your vehicle.

The stabiliser bar is a significant piece of the system that is responsible for preventing your car from toppling over whenever you take a turn. On the other hand, we have the shock absorbers that help to reduce unnecessary vehicle vibrations. Ultimately, this keeps your car stable and makes the drive smooth and comfortable for the passengers as well as the driver.

How doI know if I have a problem?

Things to look out for include:

  • Unusual noise or grumbling sounds when the vehicle goes over a speed breaker or bumps
  • Loose wheels
  • Difficulty in making a turn
  • Lack of a smooth drive
  • Steering feels unusually heavier than before
  • Tyre wear
  • Knocking sounds coming from from the wheels

I have a steering issue, what do I do?

Now the question is, what do you do when you need maintenance? Well, the steering and suspension system tends to be a very complicated part of the vehicle, so using an experienced company like Valley Tyres Ltd. is a must. We offer a FREE diagnosis and quotation with no obligation to buy. Our high-end service will make sure that it identifies the issue in your system and swiftly deals with it.

Our sole aim is to provide you with the smooth and comfortable ride you deserve. So whenever you feel like your car is not performing up to the standard you expect, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our premises and you will be guaranteed an excellent response in the form of high-end services of the highest value for your hard earned money.

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