If you’re looking for a hassle-free drive and don’t like ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere, then keeping your battery working is a must. A faulty battery can be very inconvenient for you so regular check-ups are very important.

Most car batteries are the usual lead-acid batteries that are made up of six cells. These are the lead and lead-oxide plates that are filled with an active electrolyte such as dilute sulphuric acid. Over time the battery also wears out due to sulfation, and will eventually loses its capacity and at one point, won’t be able to start your car. This is what we try to avoid with regular checks.

Valley Tyre Service suggest that you look out for any signs of fault or wearing-out in your car batteries on a regular basis.

How will I know if my battery is faulty?

There are a few signs you should be on the look-out for. These are stated below in detail so you don’t end up cursing yourself and crying “I should have known sooner!”:

  • Engine light – The engine light will appear on or flashing, indicating there is a problem, and often the problem being indicated is the battery as the car ‘knows’ the battery needs changing
  • Low battery fluid levels – For safety purposes, the car batteries usually have a part on their casing that is translucent. This helps in keeping an eye on the battery level. If the fluid seems to be below the lead plates, then having them replaced or checked at least, is mandatory
  • Old age – If you have crossed the 3-year mark, then changing the battery is highly recommended
  • Slow engine after ignition – Weak or slow turnover after ignition is one of the results of a weaker battery.

What should I do?

Well, here at Valley Tyres, we provide a range of top batteries suitable for all types of vehicles; be it vans, trucks or boats. We will efficiently test your car’s system and recommend the ideal battery to have it running again.

We also back our exceptional services with free battery checks so you don’t have to worry about extra or hidden charges. Pop in today for a free check, and the best price and service around!


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